Thoughts and Musings


My past you can read in my book "A Dog's Tale as Told by Lakota" My present and future you will find it here. Let us have a talk.
I have only been around four fourteen years as measured by you two legged humans. In these years I have travelled much and met a large number of you. You are definately a species to be reckoned with. Most of you are kind and caring and try to do the best for all concerned. You unfortunately have too many unstable and self centered personalities that create far too much havoc and confusion in terms of their numbers. You as a species far too often let these people get into positions of power where they are very difficult to dislodge. Too many of  your species do not want to confront and handle these people until it it is almost too late and there is no choice left. There is a price to staying free, staying alert and willing to fight back.
We Are All Related
The Greatest Good For All
Strive to do Your Best
We happen to live on a small finite planet. It has a finite amount of air, a finite amount of water, a finite amount of land. All living forms on the planet share these things. They are all necesary for the sustaining of the life forms on this planet. They have to be in a pure enough form that these life forms require or life will cease to exist. As life forms we are all related to these necessities. We all depend on them for life.
What do we mean by the greatest good?  As the natives say it, Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations or we are all related) Let's break life down into various parts. Let us say there is caring for oneself,  caring for one's loved one's and  family, caring for  one's tribe, living with and caring for the species  one is part of what ever that may be, living with and helping all  other life forms around us,  living in and utilizing the material world we inhabit(Mother Earth) ,  an awareness of the non material normally unseen spirit world and  a belief in some form of higher being, god, or great spirit as you see it  from your own life  experiences and views.
It is intersting to note that we all, while living our day to day on going
life exeriences, are in various degrees of survival potential with regards to each and all  these areas .
To the degree we recognize this and take responsibilty for the all the prosurvival and non survival aspects, the greater and greater will be our potential to survive at higher and higher levels. The old saying nature abhores a vaccum . You can decide to be cause or be the effect.