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A Dog's Point of View
You know being a dog gives one much time and liberties to reflect on one's observations. Most of you two legged humans are stuck in your day to
day problems of living that you seldom take the time to really look out and around. It is my hope and ambition that I may be of some help to you in achieving more space  and joy in your life.
The purpose of my blog is to provide an interactive place where you can communicate your ideas of viable solutions to todays problems we face living on this planet. I would hope your solutions would take into account the most survival conditions for all aspects of life involved. If one just gets upset and rails against the non optimum situation with-
out putting forth a viable alternative, the situation will just worsen. True solutions promote life in a
positive way in all aspects. If the solution just creates more problems it really is not a viable option to put forth. Take the time to reason out in your own mind the bigger picture and then present it to the best of your ability. Be willing to let others add or take away from your answers so the answer that  comes forth will be seen to be the very best for the given circumstances
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